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Edu Manager

EduManager is a complete solution to manage educational institute


  • Student, Parent, Employee and Teachers details
  • Attendance, Exam, Routine, Dormitory and Transport management
  • Payment Integration with Bank

Business Process Automation for Tiles Manufacturers

An easy solution for manufacture and sales agent in tiles industry


  • Product Management
  • Purchase, Sales, Sales Return
  • Dispose
  • Inventory, Inventory Balance

Patient Care

A portal for bring Doctor, Patient, Pharmaceuticals company under one umbrella


  • Self-appointment
  • Appointment cancellation
  • Digital prescription
  • Patient history

Tiles Retail Sales Management System

It is a platform for maintaining Purchase/Production, Sales, inventory for Tiles Seller.


  • C#
  • MySQL
  • IIS

Cheque writer

A handy tool that eliminates customers' need to purchase expensive pre-printed blank checks stock in order to write checks


  • ASP.Net
  • Manage levels for users/employees who issue checks on behalf of the company
  • Stores full transactions between payer and payee.

Apartment Management System

It is a product for maintaining apartment related activities in a real store sector


  • Owner management
  • Tenant management
  • Employee management
  • Rent collection


Langham Hotels

A portfolio of luxury hotels in prime destinations


  • EPI server base web application
  • Make reservation directly
  • Elegant spaces and dedicated services for Private or corporate

Shop Floor Control

A compressive tool for managing hardware manufacturing process


  • Php, Oracle and ASP.Net MVC
  • MAC address generation
  • Warehouse maintenance
  • Shipping

Aircraft Resource Management System

An effective management of aircraft machineries from purchase to inventory.


  • ASP. Net MVC, Angular JS
  • Inventory Management
  • Quotation Creation
  • Procurement & LC
  • Fight management

Miscelenious Collection Documents

A customized document analysis for airline tickets and cargo with different travel agent for USBA. It analyzes sales gap and monitors performance of flight management


  • ASP.Net
  • Comprehensive sales statistics and comparison with travel agencies.
  • A volume of analytical report


One of the largest online property marketplaces in the country, view, buy, sell and book any flat or property.


  • Nop Commerce Site
  • Users directly post ads for sale and rent land, residential apartment, commercial space etc.
  • Geographical location can be identified from google map


A website for non-profit organization ASHIC that that strives to help cancer-stricken children from poor families all over the country


  • Word Press Website
  • A colorful site including face book, timeline and number of videos

Sales Force Monitoring

An app for monitoring sales people activities who are roaming company to company for business enquiry.


  • Android app, ASP.Net core, MSSQL
  • Creating meeting schedule, upload meeting venue image (capturing GPS location)
  • Notification for shortage of meeting.
  • Manage level of access for admin and sales engineer

Transenco Business Automation

A web solution for creating Quotation, comparing budget and actual cost of machines and accessories that are supplied into various industries.


  • ASP.Net MVC, SQL Server
  • Comprehensive calculation of BOM for duct materials, cooling system, humidification system etc.

iGlobe CRM

A Cloud based CRM application hosted on Office 365


  • SharePoint application
  • Integrated with Third party Accounting Software
  • O-Auth enabled authentication for high security

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